We’re all aware that EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is bad. It causes things like cancer, and it can cause some pretty bad skin burns as well. But we’re also aware that you can reduce your exposure by getting some distance between yourself and the source of the radiation. A laptop emf shield is an easy way to do that.

What we’re looking for in a laptop emf shield is something that can block EMF radiation from coming through the top of your laptop, and we’re also looking for it to be thick enough to help reduce the heat that passes to the body. This one fits the bill, and it even comes with a nice carrying case so that you can use it as a stylish laptop desk.

Guarding Your Health: The Ultimate Guide to Laptop EMF Shields

The top and bottom of this are made from a faux leather material that does a decent job of absorbing heat, but it’s in between that where the real magic happens. There are two layers inside that, and the first is a layer of what they call “high-resistance alloy.” It blocks EMF radiation by density alone, but they’ve also added ferromagnetic steel plates to create a magnetic field, which scatters the EMF radiation in other directions. This combination gets them to a level of 92% EMF reduction, which is pretty impressive.

SYB, which makes a lot of other really nice EMF protection products, including baby blankets and cell phone pouches, also makes this very high-quality laptop EMF shield. They’ve tested it in an FCC-accredited lab, and they publish the results right on their website. This pad will absorb 92% of all types of EMF radiation and 99% of the heat that’s produced by your laptop. It’s available in three sizes, to fit laptops of any size, and it’s even suitable for tablets.