clairvoyance — pronounced CLAIR-Voyance — is the ability to see things that are hidden to the naked eye. This psychic ability has been credited with finding missing children and even finding lost objects. It is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that some believe is a gift from God, the devil, or both. It is sometimes used in remote viewing and may be a component of other clair-senses like hearing (clairaudience), smelling (clairsentience) or tasting (clairgustance).

People who are voyance pas chère often report that they see images inside their mind’s eye, as if a movie is playing outside their head. These pictures can be in black and white or full color and may appear life-like or cartoonish. They may also receive an answer as a thought, feeling, or sound. Many clairvoyant people have synesthesia, a condition in which their senses are swapped. They may experience a person as a certain color, or they may hear musical notes around them.

Clairvoyant Dreams: How to Interpret and Harness Their Power

If you love going to museums or being blown away by sculptures, this is a sign that you are clairvoyant. You may also have a strong interest in creative hobbies like painting, drawing, or photography. Imagination is a clairvoyant function, so you’ll naturally be able to picture how something will look in the future, which is a key aspect of clairvoyance.

The first step in using clairvoyance is to ask a question and be open to the answer. Then, meditate on the subject to clear any energies that are blocking your clairvoyant connection. Breathe deeply three times, and focus on the spot between your eyes. This is the area psychics call your third eye, and it is the location of your visual clairvoyance abilities.