Spray foam attic insulation Decatur is a dense material that creates an air-stopping seal, reducing the transfer of heat between spaces. It is a green building product that provides a high R-value, meaning it keeps heat in your home or commercial structure, and helps other heating and cooling devices run more efficiently. It also increases your home or building’s structural strength and repels water.

It is a very cost-effective solution for homes and commercial structures. Unlike blanket rolls or cellulose, spray foam insulation doesn’t break down over time and offers a more sustainable solution. It is non-toxic and doesn’t contain harmful toxins like HCFCs or VOCs. It also doesn’t trap dirt, dust or pests in your attic and other open spaces like crawl rooms or basements.

Year-Round Comfort: How Assured Insulation Keeps Decatur Homes Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

Homebuyers and commercial property buyers look for well insulated homes and buildings. Adding spray foam insulation increases your home or commercial property’s value because of the added energy efficiency, boosted structural strength, and improved air quality. A real estate agent will factor in these added benefits when determining the price of your home or building.

While it is possible to buy spray foam insulation kits at any DIY store, we recommend hiring an experienced spray foam insulation contractor to do the job for you. A professional can spread the spray evenly on surfaces and in spaces for a more complete coverage and optimal protection.

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