A horse’s lead is the strand of rope (like a dog leash) that is attached to a horse’s halter and someone on the ground is holding and guiding it. Most horse leads are nylon and made to be durable. They are used by people that either work with horses in some type of equestrian sport or by those learning how to lead a horse, as it can be difficult to get control without one. URL ravenox.com

good quality lead will be durable and have a clip that connects to the halter. A good choice will also have a padded handle to protect the handler from any potential injury. Some handles are also lined with rubber to prevent abrasion on the hand. Many people wear gloves when leading to reduce the risk of abrasion or burns from the rope.

DIY Horse Leads: Crafting Your Own Customized Equine Accessories

The most common way that a novice horse person learns to lead is by standing at the horse’s lead line, which is typically about two to four feet behind the nose of the animal. This is called position number two and it forces the leader to stay connected visually and physically with the animal but doesn’t force them into a close proximity where the horse could step on their feet or bolt away from them.

The lead should be long enough to be able to hang loosely from the hand when it isn’t being held by the horse. It should be coiled or folded neatly in the leader’s left hand to avoid it getting tangled on any objects or people that are near the horse.