An influencer marketing agency  is a company that devises and executes marketing campaigns for brands using social media influencers. They work closely with the brand to understand their marketing goals, voice, and messaging. This ensures that the campaign is tailored to meet their desired objectives. They also help the brand track performance to measure the success of the campaign. This data helps the brand determine which influencers produced the most effective results.

The main services that an influencer marketing agency offers are campaign planning, creative content development, influencer identification, contracting, production and post-production, analytics, reporting, and tracking. They often use specialized software to help them manage these tasks. In addition, they often take on the responsibility for the entire project, ensuring that it is delivered within the agreed timeframe and budget.

Demystifying the Steel Industry: From Production to Global Impact

IMA, formerly Fashiolista, is one of the most experienced agencies in this field and is known for its high-performance, conversion-driven influencer marketing campaigns. It has a long-term relationship with influencers around the world, creates custom benchmarks and bespoke social listening analysis, and takes on full project coordination.

Influencers have huge audiences across various platforms, and campaigns need to be optimized for each one of them. For example, Instagram and YouTube campaigns need images, while TikTok and Twitch campaigns involve short videos and live streams respectively. Some influencer marketing agencies have a set pool of affiliated content creators they work with, forming a stable’stable’ of influencers that they can turn to when creating campaigns. While this can be beneficial in terms of consistency, it can also lead to a degree of shoehorning and forced ‘best fit’ that can damage authenticity.