triple offset butterfly valve

triple offset butterfly valve are able to keep a tight seal in bi-directional pressure differentials, unlike most other valves that can only maintain uni-directional flow. This is achieved by using a unique design and geometry which makes the sealing components each machined into a right-angled cone shape, meaning that they never touch until their final degree of closure, creating a smooth and repeatable seat.

The geometry of the sealing components also allows for a lower torque actuator to be fitted, as there are no cavities between them, which can lead to clogging and increased maintenance costs. The metal-to-metal sealing arrangement ensures bubble-tight shut-off and zero leakage in all conditions including high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive media.

Why Choose Triple Offset?

The three separate offsets that are used on a Triple Offset butterfly valve have been designed to offer different benefits, which all add up to an excellent valve:

The first offset (offset 1) has the shaft positioned not in line with the centerline of the bore/pipe, which creates minimal friction as the valve opens and closes. The second offset (offset 2) moves the valve plate away from the seat to increase the distance that it deviates from the seat. This further decreases the friction on the valve seat and helps it last much longer than a standard butterfly valve. The third and final offset (offset 3) has the axis of the seat cone angle positioned slightly off-center from the axle centreline, which eliminates friction completely and offers long seat life. This is an extremely effective way to increase the performance of a butterfly valve and extend its life.