Overhead doors Calgary are a great way to add a dramatic look to your home. They are also very functional and provide protection from snow and cold. Having a quality garage door that works well is an important investment that can help to keep your family safe and your belongings secure. A good garage door can also help to lower your energy costs. Replacing an existing garage door with a new one can be an expensive project, but it can be done with careful planning.

Are aluminum or steel garage doors more expensive?

The Overhead Door Corporation is a leading single source manufacturer of integrated systems for commercial, industrial and residential overhead garage doors. Their products are available through distributors located across North America and internationally. They offer over 11 collections of garage doors in a variety of architectural styles, materials and price points. These collections range from traditional to modern, carriage house to contemporary and can be matched with a wide range of window options. Most of the collections offer limited lifetime or 20-year warranties. Paint and finishes are backed by 1 to 3-year warranties.

Steel, aluminum and fiberglass garage doors are all popular choices in the Calgary area. Steel is strong and durable, but requires high-powered door openers. Aluminum is less expensive and easier to repair than steel, but it can warp or dent more easily. Fiberglass garage doors are a good choice for climates that experience extreme weather changes, as they insulate the garage and negate the need for weatherstripping or seals. For homeowners looking to take advantage of energy savings, insulated garage doors with an R-value in the higher range are recommended.