Online forklift certification is one of the fastest and easiest ways to become certified as a forklift operator. Our training is OSHA recognized and can be taken from any location at any time. Our courses are easy to follow and include all necessary training materials needed to pass the test with flying colors. Once successfully completed our forklift operator course you will receive a wallet card & certification that can be validated by scanning the QR code or by referencing the Certification ID number.

The forklift certification process usually involves theory training, a knowledge assessment and hands-on training with a practical evaluation conducted by your employer. While the theory training and knowledge assessment can be done online, hands-on training and practical evaluations should always be conducted in the workplace.

Mastering Forklift Safety: The Benefits of Online Certification

Providing your workers with the required forklift training is an important safety and compliance measure that protects both your employees and your business. It also helps reduce the risks of costly and dangerous forklift accidents. Having untrained and uncertified employees operating forklifts can result in large OSHA fines. Not to mention, the potential for industrial compensation claims.

There are many ways to provide forklift operator training, including hiring a third party safety consultant to conduct onsite training or sending employees offsite to take an offsite course. But these options can be costly and disruptive to operations. A faster, easier and less expensive alternative is to have one of your existing operators take FLC’s online Train A Trainer course. Once they’ve passed the course, they can then teach and evaluate all of your company’s future operators.