Fixing Leaky Shower Heads is annoying and wastes water. The good news is that it’s often easy to fix yourself. The first step is to shut off the water supply at the valve built into your sink, or to the main line supplying your home, to prevent accidental flooding during the repair process. During this time, you may want to have a towel handy to soak up any water that drips from the showerhead itself or from the pipe connections.

If your shower head just dribbles when it’s turned on, it’s probably because sediment or lime build-up has clogged the holes in the head, restricting the flow of water. This is a simple fix that can be accomplished by soaking the head in vinegar, or by using a commercial product to dissolve and dislodge the build-up.

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A leaking shower head can also be caused by a worn washer or O-ring, which is often the result of age and repeated use of the showerhead. Washers and O-rings are designed to form a tight seal between the showerhead and the shower arm. Over time, they can become brittle and split, which causes the showerhead to leak. Replacing the washer is a simple job that can be completed with minimal tools, and it is usually very inexpensive to do. The O-ring is a little more complicated to replace, but it is a fairly straightforward task for most homeowners to do. The most important step in this step is to ensure that the new O-ring or washer is an exact match for your old one.