Breathwork training is an important skill for any yoga teacher, coach or healer. It’s a powerful healing modality that is often the missing piece for those who have experienced trauma. It allows the body to safely confront traumatic experiences and empowers us to recognize them as they happen, rather than in a way that creates more fear and trauma.

Is yoga a breathwork?

This practice improves oxygen levels in the blood, which increases energy levels and helps to bolster immune systems. It also helps to reduce the acidity in the body, which can cause pain. It also helps to connect the mind and body, which is very important for a healthy relationship with self and others.

Many people feel skeptical about breathwork, but most of the time, they only need to try it once to have their skepticism shift. It’s an easy-to-learn modality that anyone can do with just a quiet place to sit and undivided attention. This link :

There are a variety of online breathwork courses available, and some may be better suited for beginners than others. For example, Yoga International offers a simple and straightforward course that is designed for beginner practitioners. It can be completed in under an hour.

If you’re interested in learning more about the various types of breathwork, Breath Mastery has a comprehensive training program that covers everything from Pranayama to modern breathwork techniques. It’s a 1-year program that can be done at your own pace and is a great option for those who want to become certified in breathwork.