Silver jewelry Manufacturer

When it comes to wholesale sterling silver jewelry , every little detail counts. From a pair of shoes to a tiara, the things you wear shape your personality and first impressions. But none of the accessories are as important as a piece of jewellery specifically crafted for you. It exudes a sense of exclusivity that nothing else can replicate. If you want to be the talk of the town, make sure that your jewellery speaks for itself by choosing one of the top wholesale fashion Silver Jewellery suppliers in the country.

Silvesto India is an established importer and wholesaler of fashion Silver jewellery for over a decade now. We work with the highest quality imported silver that is verified by expert appraisers and our skilled craftsmanship ensures that your necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories have a quality that rivals the best-priced market alternatives.

Choosing Quality: How to Find a Reliable Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

The process starts by making a model of the design that is carved in wax and then converted to a rubber mold. On a commercial wax injector machine, the rubber mold is then used to create thousands of wax replicas of the original jewelry design for casting and production purposes.

Once the casting has been completed, it is polished to give it a finished look. The polishing is done with a variety of tools that grind the surface of the metal to remove all burrs and rough spots. It also involves setting gemstones to give the final product a unique and distinctive feel.